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The Small Surface Bass Lures I Use – When and How...

Posted by Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 1st Jun 2018

This past week has seen a definite upsurge (judging by the amount of reports on Social Media) in the amount of bass being taken on bass lures fished ‘on the top’ - something that, I believe is occu … read more

Night Fishing Bass Lures

Posted by By Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 4th May 2018

I am positive there are many anglers out there who are intrigued, if not fascinated, by the prospect of attempting to catch a bass on a lure in darkness. But if you’re inexperienced or not particularl … read more

Bass Lure Rods – Finding that ‘all-rounder’

Posted by By Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 16th Apr 2018

Whether you’re a lure, bait, fly, beach or boat angler, the fishing rod you use is an immensely personal item, and what feels ‘right’ for one angler may feel totally alien to another. Owning a  … read more