Salt Skimmer

ima-salt-skimmer-bass-lures.pngTo shop for the IMA Salt Skimmer, please view the product listings below this overview.

IMA design and build fantastic and wonderfully ‘eye-catching’ but more importantly ‘bass catching’ lures - and the Salt Skimmer is certainly right up there alongside the most consistent top waters currently available. Due to its petite size, it is more suited to calm, swell, or slightly choppy sea conditions both in very shallow and deeper water.

The ideal mouthful for a bass at 110mm, despite only weighing 14g the slim, stick bait-like profile and internal ball bearings combine to propel the Salt Skimmer impressively seawards. What’s more, their ease of use out on the coastline makes them an absolute pleasure to cast and ‘work’ on a modern outfit.

On a fast paced retrieve, with repetitive (but slight) jerks with the rod either up, down or to the side, the lure will pop, splutter, spit and zig-zag in a manner befitting small fry being harassed, scattering and panicking. Think optimum noise, flashes, splashes and commotion, as this is the ultimate attractant to a shoal, or a big lone bass - both of which will swim surprisingly long distances to investigate and attack an easy meal...

Conversely, a much slower retrieve and a more rhythmic twitch on the rod will initiate a wider, more subtle, boiling effect on the surface similar to that of a small, wounded bait fish - almost begging to be put out of its misery by a marauding bass! A must have lure...