Whiplash Factory Spittin Wire

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For a bass lure to become so highly regarded in such a short space of time means only one thing - that they catch an awful lot of bass!


The Whiplash Factory Spittin Wire is in essence, a small (at 95mm) popper come sliding lure surface lure that is capable of being launched impressive distances. Weighing 15.5g it strikes the perfect balance between shape, size and transferable weight (via the internal bearings) to propel it a lot further than you may imagine upon first inspection. 


Alongside its ease of use, the secret to this fantastic lure appears to be in its overall action. Arguably one of the easiest top water lures to actually work, the lure responds instantly to even the most subtle of rod movements and the very slowest retrieve rate - with that lovely rolling, popping, bubbling action. This is absolutely perfect for those calm, serene conditions including those quiet estuaries, lagoons and backwaters where the larger bass will often hunt. 


Furthermore, the Spittin Wire can be made to mimic a small fish in distress, or more especially, a prey item being harassed and attacked on a quicker retrieve style with either the rod held up, down or to the side. Indeed, this is probably the most versatile surface bass lure around at present as it can be popped and left to lie motionless with its tail-end hanging enticingly under the surface or it can be worked in that irresistible ‘walk-the-dog’ zigzagging pattern to snake across the surface as those internal bearings transmit a very distinctive ‘knocking’ sound. 


A lure to attach when the seas are calm and relatively clear through to very clear - the transparent and silver bellied variations have been the most effective thus far. 

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