Bass Lure Rods – Finding that ‘all-rounder’ Most bass lure rods will have the letters ‘L (Light), ‘ML’ (Medium-Light), ‘M’(Medium) or ‘MH’ (Medium-Heavy) written on the blank - this relates to the amount of power it has. The ‘all-rounder’ will generally have...... Continue Reading




Where in the water column to lure fishing for bass in spring? I imagine practically every bass lure angler in the Country is waiting and watching patiently for the reports of the first bass being caught. Social media will go ballistic, and the questions everyone will be asking will be: From which location? And what bass lure was used? Continue Reading



We really like seeing lure designers taking a proven concept like the Albie Snax and improving on it. The Bill Hurley Baby Squid has rattle eye, a hook slot, a hole for a nail weight and is squid oil scented. Continue Reading