How I utilise an OSP DoLive Stick Wakasagi (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 17th Apr 2019

To most lure aficionados, the OSP DoLive Stick Wagasagi requires little introduction. But the recent capture of a bass on one of these incredibly versatile lures has prompted me to describe ‘how’ … read more

American Sandeel Lures - No Paddle Tail

Posted by Lure Fishing For Bass on 27th Mar 2019

What follows is an overview of seven popular striped bass sandeel lures from the United States. Bill Hurley Cape Cod Sandeel - Low profile sandeel scented lures for fishing rips from boat … read more

​How to ‘handle’ a bass

Posted by By Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 25th Mar 2019

So you’ve hooked into something that is seriously pulling back... A boil on the surface followed a flash of silver reveals the culprit to be a bass, and a good one too! Your heart is in your mou … read more

Fiiish Black Eel

Posted by Lure Fishing For Bass on 17th Mar 2019

The Fiiish Black Eel as with all of Fiiish's soft plastics range, was prototype tested before having it's release announced, but most bass lure anglers will instinctively know that a cross between a B … read more