​A slightly ‘weightier’ Needlefish lure anyone...?

Posted by Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 19th Oct 2018

If you follow my ‘scribblings’ either on this blog or on my own website (South Devon Bass Guide here) then you’ll have an awareness of just how highly I rate the needlefish lures. ForcedFor a while no … read more

The Lure Of The Bass Book

Posted by Lure Fishing For Bass on 22nd Sep 2018

When a leading bass guide shares what he has learnt about lure fishing for bass, you need a copy and at just £16.99 for all this knowledge, its a massive bargain. … read more

​The Illex Nitro Sprat Shad - My ‘Forgotten Lure’

Posted by By Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 18th Sep 2018

As I’ve intimated many times, I only carry bass lures that fulfil a specific role, under a certain set of sea conditions and/or over a particular type of terrain - something that clearly be … read more

Aggravating August

Posted by By Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 2nd Sep 2018

I imagine you’re thinking ‘What a strange title for a blog post!’ And I’ll be honest, it was the first thing that popped into my head when I set about describing the recent events and what I believe a … read more