Marc Cowling Signature ‘Surf’ Magnetic Weight Shifting (MWS) Needlefish

Marc Cowling Signature ‘Surf’ Magnetic Weight Shifting (MWS) Needlefish

Posted by Marc Cowling on 9th Dec 2020

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Retaining all of the proven attributes of the original Marc Cowling ‘Signature’ Needlefish (size, shape, weight, level sinking capability for maximum control and attractiveness, robustness, subtleness and excellent underwater manoeuvrability) this is the next generation Magnetic Weight Shifting (MWS) or ‘Surf’ version.

The ‘custom designed’ MWS system has been specifically developed for this lure by Tom Cooper of TC Lures in order to increase stability ‘in flight’ and enable distances of over 65m+ to be achieved. This is an impressive 20-25% increase on the original, by virtue of the equivalent of an additional 4g of weight moving by 70mm from the tail section, back towards the nose of the lure during the momentum of the cast.

Yet while the casting prowess has been significantly enhanced, crucially, none of principal qualities such as its overall appearance and high levels of sensitivity on the retrieve have been lost - the understated yet deadly, ghostly, lingering and almost levitating ‘highly natural’ movement, fundamental to hoodwinking a wily bass are all preserved.

While the original was best suited to delicately working it in just inches of water over a rugged reef or within the confines of a serene, estuarine environment, this improved, unique-looking needlefish, designed to mimic squid, cuttlefish and small prey fish, has evolved into a lure that can still be effectively utilised in the above conditions, but now also when the wind is howling and the surf is up - day or night!

> Designed by professional bass lure fishing guide and angling journalist Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) and built by Tom Cooper of TC Lures.

>Original White and Black patterns, in addition an improved highly reflective Silver/Chrome configuration.

>Two new ‘two-tone colours have been added to the series - Cool Green and Baby Pink.

>‘Custom Designed’ (by TC Lures) Magnetic Weight Shifting (MWS) system incorporates 4x 6mm high impact, steel ball bearings.

>Extreme casting range - 65m+ in tests.

>Length - 125mm

>Weight - 20g

>Controlled 30cm per second, level/horizontal sink rate.

>Dense polyurethane body construction (D72 on the shore hardness scale).

>Marine Grade 1mm 316 stainless through wire for robustness.

>Hand cast (precision moulded) for uniformity and durability.

>Highly reflective 10mm 3D eyes.

>Four coats of ultra-clear, hard and flexible top coat.

>From casting the lure body, sanding, painting, logo and signature has been done 'by hand' to provide the best finish possible.

>Split Rings recommended -7mm.

>Treble Hooks recommended -Size 4.

>Single Hooks recommended -Size 1/0.

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