Komomo SF-125


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The IMA Komomo SF-125 has rightfully gained ‘classic status’ by virtue of being a dependable bass catcher with many outstanding characteristics.

Weighing 16g and measuring 125mm, its slender, bait fish profile belies its excellent overall stability - both when being cast, and on the retrieve. Indeed, few hard diving minnows can match its precise and very direct trajectory in flight, even in windy conditions.

The non lip/vane, slanted face design, assists the lure from an aerodynamic (less wind resistance) perspective, whilst also enabling a more natural presentation - essential ingredients for the bass angler searching out very shallow, clear and calm water amongst the weed, rocks and gullies where bass love to swim, hold and hunt.

One of the many qualities of the Komomo SF125 is the very consistent wriggling, waggling, head down ‘shaking’ action that it achieves in that ‘20cm beneath the surface killer zone’ on nothing more than a slow-medium paced retrieve - something that can be accentuated by retrieving with the rod up at a 30 - 45o angle.

The lure also responds beautifully to a twitch on the rod, in order to exhibit a hurried flashing/bolting motion, while a momentary pause, to allow the lure to float/glide naturally around water swirling around any structure, can sometimes prove irresistible to bass.

If that wasn’t enough, the Komomo SF125 is available in a number of very natural colours, matching prey items such as herring, mullet, pollack and blennies with the red/orange bellied and ‘Joker’ patterns being particularly effective.