The amount of anglers now utilising Needlefish lures has increased dramatically over the past few seasons, with the handmade Jim’s’ (courtesy of Mr James Lanfear) being one of the most popular for good reason. 

A firm favourite of ‘South Devon Bass Guide’ Marc Cowling and his clients (who have caught numerous bass in darkness up to 8lbs on them in extremely shallow water) these level sinking (horizontally at a rate of approximately 20cm per second) versions weigh 20g, meaning that due to their aerodynamic shape and lack of wind resistance they can be cast extreme distances and therefore covering large expanses of ground.

The real genius however is in the way that they are weighted, and the way they move underwater, which enables them to imitate either a medium-sized fish almost drifting and moving very naturally (not wriggling) with the current (within an estuary or tide race) or quite possibly a cuttlefish gliding through the shallows (think profile or side view that a bass sees).

Both methods are exceptionally easy to master, as the former requires the angler to simply remain in slight contact with the lure, whereas the latter requires nothing more complicated than a straight or linear retrieve style. Note that these particular Needlefish possess no intrinsic action to speak of and will simply ghost through the water at a very level and straight trajectory - something that is highly likely to be the overall appeal to the bass.

Don’t be afraid to utilise them in depths as shallow as 30cm and over the very roughest terrain. Furthermore, due to their stability and ability to slice through the turning waves they are also highly effective when fished on clean beaches when a surf is running.

An incredibly versatile and extremely effective lure.

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