Wave Worms


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Without a doubt, the number one senko/stick bait, especially in the white colour, when it comes to the increasingly popular and deadly method of lure fishing for bass in darkness.

The noticeable difference between the Wave Bamboo Stick and comparable, more traditional patterns is the broader, chunkier girth. This translates to a sturdier, more robust soft plastic lure with improved stability in the water and increased casting prowess - of genuine benefit in a headwind scenario.

Measuring 5” and weighing 13g, these innocuous looking pieces of plastic are enthused with Molopo Aniseed scent and have a ribbed effect to enhance underwater vibration - terrific for fishing at night or in coloured up water.

Highly versatile, the Bamboo Stick can be rigged with a jighead in order to be fished either in a sink and draw fashion or bounced down in the flow, more especially in deeper water. However, the lure is more suited to being fished weedless and weightless on a 4/0 or 5/0 twistlock or spring lock hook. That said, a small belly weighted weedless hook can be utilised to tether them in faster tides or more turbulent sea conditions.

They can be made to fish in a variety of ways ranging from waking them across the surface on a fast retrieve, to twitching the rod on a slow recovery so that they dart erratically. Alternatively, just let them waft in the current whilst remaining in contact, or the most productive method, particularly in the dark, is to just straight retrieve them at a medium-fast speed.