Frosty II

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With the Xorus Patchinko 100, the ‘Big Patch II’ and the new kid on the block, the 125, it could be forgiven for forgetting about the Xorus Frosty II. Measuring 129mm and weighing 15.5g this classic ‘sliding’ walk the dog surface or top water lure has been a staple in many bass anglers lure box for a number of years for one very apparent reason - they can make the difference between a blank and red-letter day.

Arguably the most ‘balanced’ lure of the Xorus range, the Frosty II sits perfectly between the Patchinko 100 and 125 in terms of ease of use (overall fish-ability) casting prowess and above all, the commotion that it causes on the water. Yes, bass can be utterly ruthless and predatory, but they can also be exceptionally capricious in their behaviour, and sometimes, only a lure looking and acting in a certain way will provoke an attack.

Due to its longer and more slender body, when a more subtle splashing, waking motion is required than that of one of its heavier and brasher cousins, the Xorus Frosty II can be deployed with confidence. Moreover, when slightly larger baitfish are in residence, or indeed, if larger bass are present, then the Frosty II (above the Patchinko 100) could land you that lunker!

A consistently long casting lure that is not subdued by head or crosswinds, the Frosty II is more suited to calm to slightly choppy conditions (estuaries and tidal lagoons) or when a small-medium sized swell is washing around the rocks on the open coast where shallow or deep water is present.

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