Super Strike

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Quite simply ‘the lure’ to catch striped bass in the surf off the East coast of the United States, the Super Strike or Super ‘N’ Fish needlefish lures are gaining in popularity with UK bass lure fisherman. These particular models measure 140mm and weigh 28g (just under 1oz) meaning that alongside their obvious aerodynamic and tapered design they cut through a headwind or crosswind like a hot knife through butter when being cast.

Not only can be they be cast impressive distances, but the level-rear first and relatively quick sink rate means that they are remarkably stable, and therefore highly effective, in a multitude of sea states and over a variety of ground. Indeed, whether you are utilising them in 18” of water while the surf tumbles in over a sandy beach, casting and working them on a straight retrieve from a headland where a powerful lateral current is present or recovering them quickly over rough terrain in shallow water, the Super Strike Needlefish will catch UK bass.

Depicting a slender baitfish or possibly even squid or cuttlefish when you consider the profile (side) view that a bass may see, unlike the Jim’s Lures Needlefish that level sink and swim (glide almost) on a very straight trajectory, the ‘N’ Fish Needle possess a slight waggle/wriggle when retrieved. Additionally that tapered design feature allows the lure to transmit very subtle vibrations through the water, all of which make them more suited to very turbulent or indeed cloudier sea conditions.

A lure for those days when everything else (bar a metal jig) is getting blown back in your face or blown across the surface!