Albie Snax


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A pioneering weedless, weightless soft plastic (SP) that has accounted for some phenomenal catches of bass for UK and Irish lure anglers - the 5” 14g Albie Snax has a long list of attributes and admirers.

Essentially a cross between a stick bait and shad, the ‘Snax’ was designed with two things in mind. Firstly, to be long casting - which it achieves with devastating effect through its aerodynamic, compact and elliptical shape and secondly, to mimic a fleeing bait fish or squid. Criteria number two is achieved and then some - as these lures can be adapted to wake on the surface, dart and drift depending on the retrieve style. Yet, the deadliest way to fish them is also by far the easiest. On a slow-medium straight retrieve the Albie Snax will simply ‘slalom’ in, even in relatively turbulent sea conditions around 4 - 12” under the surface - a method that has seen some fantastic bass catches, particularly in darkness.

The highly durable and tough body compliments the weedless design superbly - to the extent that when rigged onto either a 4/0 Snax Hook or 5/0 - 6/0 Owner weedless twistlock or Gamakatsu Spring Lock they can be retrieved over roughest terrain imaginable, and even through weed breaking the surface.

Pearl is seemingly the most effective colour in the dark, although many excellent bass have been caught in daylight too, with the Smoke Grey Fleck and Amber Gold patterns being excellent smelt, mullet, goby and pollack imitations respectively.