As surface or top water bass lures go, the Tackle House Vulture is somewhat revolutionary due to the bib on the underside of this pencil shaped missile. Not only does the bib provide optimum levels of stability in rougher seas, but it also enables the lure to wobble on nothing more than a straight or linear retrieve due to the additional resistance it provides over more standard surface lures 

As we’ve come to expect from Tackle House, these models are finished beautifully and to a very high standard - to the extent that you almost feel bad about casting them into all manner of snag-ridden territories! Furthermore, due to the aerodynamic design and rear positioned internal bearings these lures can be cast exceptionally long distances.  

On the water, the classic ‘walk the dog’ and zigzagging affect that can switch the bass on in an instance is very easily achieved. What’s more, because of its more stable attributes, the Vulture can be worked in a very subtle fashion (which can often make the difference) on those calmer days when the bass are potentially in a more wary state. However, add a little more action to the rod tip and the Vulture (or Resistance Vulture to give it its correct name) comes alive to mimic a variety of panic-stricken baitfish on the recovery. 

Weighing 20g and measuring 120mm, it is a fairly substantial surface lure best suited to windier conditions, choppy or slight swell conditions where eddies are being formed and that very enticing aerated water is being smashed around the rocks. Hold on!! 

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