Patchinko II 140


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Already an established modern classic, the 140mm 27g Xorus Patchinko II is one of those essential surface lures that take precedence in any collection. A proven and highly reliable bass catcher, two things stand it apart from the rest: its extraordinary casting capabilities and their indisputable ease of use.
Very few lures are as effective at countering the effects of an onshore wind, with an effortless cast being all that is required to really send them out there. Quite possibly the easiest lure in its class to ‘work’, the innovative design allows the angler to utilise either a rod up, to the side or rod down position - something that is extremely useful when either a strong tide or floating weed is apparent.
Coupled with a continual (slow) retrieve and recurrent (short) jerking motion with the rod, the Xorus Patchinko II will zig-zag, spit and thrash on the surface in that wonderful walk the dog style - mimicking an injured or disoriented large bait fish such as a mackerel, launce, herring, scad or pollack.
Fantastic in calm, settled sea conditions when utilised in a fast moving body of water (headlands or estuaries) the ‘Patch’ really comes into its own during those turbulent, swell, white water and murkier sea conditions (when smaller lures are less effective in the melee) due to its superb stability and sheer presence.
They say imitation is the best form of flattery (and there are many copies out there) but nothing gets the bass rising quite like one of these!