The shorter version (measuring 97mm) of the outstandingly effective Z120F, the Daiwa Shoreline Shiner range also encompasses the 97F in the form of the Vertice (weighing 14.3g) and Super Shallow Runner or SSR (weighing 12.6g).

As per the larger and heavier versions, these hard diving minnow type lures simply͚ fly out there in all weather conditions due to the motion created by the ball-bearing inside and cleverly located and designed lip or vane. Exceptionally stable both when being cast, and even more importantly, when being retrieved they are very easy to use, and therefore, a good choice for the angler new to bass lure fishing looking for a proven hard lure that can be used in a multitude of circumstances.

The Vertice can be cast distances of up to 65m and will swim at a depth of between 30-80cm and is the choice for those turbulent seas either from the rocks, a boat or from a beach. Whilst the SSR, that can be used in very shallow water and will swim no deeper than 30cm can be cast a maximum distance of 60m, and is the perfect lure to imitate small bait fish such as sandeels and sprat being hounded in the shallows both in calmer and clearer and sea conditions.

Of note, is that there are occasions (particularly when the water is warm and bass are slashing at their prey with their gill plates) when a smaller lure, with only two hooks attached, will actually Increase the likelihood of attaining a solid hook hold, as a bass will simply inhale it rather than attempt to stun or maim that little fish.

͛Without a doubt, these are one of, if not the best hard lure in production.