Patchinko 100


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The Xorus Patchinko 100 is the diminutive version of the outrageously effective 140mm/27g beast! Measuring 100mm and weighing only 11g, this top water favourite casts like the preverbal bullet - cutting through the wind due to the weight transfer system, lack of wind resistance and sleek design.

A ‘go to’ lure for thousands of anglers all over the country, the ‘Baby Patch’ is by far the easiest surface lure to control - with only a slow-medium paced retrieve, combined with repeated flicks of the wrist/rod, being all that is required to achieve a highly effective slithering, sliding, snaking ‘walk the dog’ action.

Furthermore, sporadic bursts of activity followed by brief pauses to allow the lure to move naturally/drift with the current, can also be utilised to spectacular effect. This is the ultimate lure to search out new or unfamiliar ground when you’re unsure of the topography of the seabed. Additionally, this lure is especially suited to those calm, settled, bright days when the water is crystal clear.

Due to their subtle and more understated action, indicative of scattering fry being attacked, they will also draw opportunistic bass in from long distances and in deeper water. Moreover, the small profile of the Patchinko 100 means that when a bass attacks it will generally engulf it entirely, meaning there is only one outcome - a hook-hold that some larger surface lures struggle to achieve.

One of the few lures that will consistently catch on a day when all others have failed - an absolutely brilliant little lure.