Feed Shallow

The quintessential floating hard minnow that has accounted for a staggering amount of shore caught bass in the UK - the Tackle House Feed Shallow is still one of the most dependable lures you can have in your collection and is rightly considered as of the all time classics. 

Best suited to calm to slightly choppy or small swell sea conditions, it is one of the few hard diving lures that is capable of ‘swimming’ in the shallowest of water and therefore over the snaggiest ground in order to mimic (depending on the colour combination) the resident bass fodder such as gobies, rockling and immature mullet. However, what really stands it apart is the wonderful snaking, wide,meandering action that can be performed on even the slowest retrieve - indeed, this a deadly tactic to employ in very calmest and clearest sea conditions. Moreover, the Feed Shallow responds particularly well to pauses and twitches, especially when the bass are reticent such as early and late in the season. 

On a fast retrieve the 105 is an excellent ‘small baitfish’ imitation when fished just under the surface - something that is easily achieved with the rod up with these proven bass catchers. Similarly, by ensuring the ball-bearing inside the lure ‘knocks’ when you cast the lure (achieved by slowing things down a little) the 128 slightly heavier 128 Plus and 155 are capable of long distances and then worked in that deadly 5-30cm ribbon of water.

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