Patchinko 125


The Xorus Patchinko range requires little introduction with the 100, Frosty and Patchinko II models all confirmed members of the ‘Bass Lure Legends club.’ Their latest offering is another surface ‘slider’ - the 125mm, 18g Patchinko 125 

At first glance, it is easy to dismiss it as simply a ‘scaled down’ version of the larger, heavier and more flagrant Patchinko II. However, clip one on and take it fishing and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it - it is that good! 

Even when the wind is howling into your face the 125 will sail out effortlessly, in addition to consistently achieving distances on a par with its larger brother. Yet, possessing what is undoubtedly a more understated zig-zagging, slashing, side-to-side movement, what this translates to for the angler is a lure that is capable of ticking more boxes in regards to how, when and where you can effectively use it due to its comparative subtlety. 

If the sea is choppy or if a swell is smashing the shoreline, the stability on the water and the ease at which the 125 can be brought to life, and made to look like a struggling prey item or indeed a small predatory fish slashing at its prey is astonishing. Yet in more serene sea conditions, a more restrained technique with the rod and reel will transmit to create a lure that can be gently eased inslowly whilst retaining that irresistible splashing and turning motion across the surface to mimic a bait fish attempting to evade the inevitable. 

A true all-rounder that strikes an exceptional balance of casting prowess, workability and bass attracting credentials.

The Xorus Patchinko 125 is the lure to get. The legacy of the famous Patchinko is widely acknowledged and the 125 is a welcome addition. The 125 is 12.5 cm in length, rattles, weights 18g and is rigged with two Decoy trebles.