DoLive Stick


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Weedless, weightless soft plastic (SP) lures have revolutionised the way anglers approach their bass lure fishing, and the OSP Dolive Stick is among the best you can buy.

Both the 4.5” (8g) and 6” (13.6g) variants cast brilliantly due to their density. And this, coupled with a highly malleable body allow the angler to fish them in the most subtle way possible - perfect for those shallow reef systems where the bass will lurk in clear, calm water, when the most natural presentation is paramount. Like many top end SPs, a groove on the top and bottom of the lure aids both rigging and the weedless composition, meaning it can be fished through even the snaggiest terrain.

An added bonus with the Dolive Stick, is the versatility if offers both in terms of how it can be rigged (via the three hook guides on the belly towards the nose) and the way they can be ‘worked’ to imitate a variety of bass fodder. The tiny lobe on their tail enhances their overall movement and appeal, whilst the available colours are indicative of rock dwellers such as gobies, rockling, ragworm and lugworm, to mid-water prey such as sandeels and immature fish.

With a jighead attached, bouncing them along the seabed or fishing them in a sink and draw style, is one option however, they really come into their own when fished weightless on a 4/0 - 6/0 twistlock hook. Allowed to drift temptingly around any structure, straight retrieved, twitched enticingly to erratically change direction or a combination of all three on the same retrieve! Quite simply, they are a great lure to have in your armoury.