Single Hooks

Single Hooks

Posted by Stephen Fishing on 13th Jun 2020

I have been using single hooks successfully for several years on all of my hard lures. In this time I have experimented with sizes, styles and brands of hooks. Here are some personal pointers and guid … read more
Marc Cowling Signature Needlefish Lures

Marc Cowling Signature Needlefish Lures

Posted by Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 3rd Mar 2020

Buy Marc's new lure HERE.I was still shaken from what had occurred over the past three hours earlier that evening, as I lent against my car, sweating profusely whilst struggling to wipe the sweat … read more

Baitcasting For Bass

Posted by Stephen Lurefishing on 1st Feb 2020

Guest post on using a baitcasting setup when lure fishing for bass by Stephen Lurefishing.I have used baitcasting reels since the late 1980s. This was a time when I mainly fly fished but I also … read more

Hard Diving Minnows – My Approach (Part 3 of 3)

Posted by Marc Cowling (South Devon Bass Guide) on 13th Sep 2019

You may recall that in Part 1 that I talked about bass being far more positive about the ultimate decision to ‘hit’ a lure the less time they have to make it. When you think about it logically, a lure … read more