Shimano Vanquish C2500SHG

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Wow the 2019 Shimano Vanquish is pure excellence. Beware once you use this you'll be ruined, your expectations will shift and nothing else will feel the same.

Shimano threw everything at this: Magniesium body, 11+1 bearings, long stroke aluminium andonized cold forged spool, C14+ handle, Magnumlite rotor, Silent Drive and Micromodule Gear II and X-protect water proof system.

This 2500 is on the light side for bass fishing, but if light gear is your thing, then this is the best.

Brand: Shimano Vanquish
Size: C2500 SHG
Drag: 3KG / 6.6LB
Bearings: 11+1
Weight: 155g
Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
Line Retrieve Per Crank: 89CM / 35 Inch