OSP Yamato 118 Pearl Chart Back 28g

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The OSP Yamato has three cups in front, a board and two line eyes. Designed as a lure that can walk the dog or pop, depending on which eye you use.

  • The center board under the lure's head works as rudder and plays an important role in the enlargement of the turning angle, when walking the dog.
  • Use the lures top eye to pop.
  • Use the lures bottom eye to walk the dog.
  • The side cups increase water disturbance when using the bottom eye to walk the dog.
  • The Yamato comes with three freshwater trebles. If you want to upgrade them, they can be replaced with one or two #2 saltwater trebles or two 3/0 singles. You may also want to upgrade to #4 rings
Brand: OSP
Lure Type: Surface lure
Length: 118mm (11.8cm)
Weight:: 28g
Hooks: Three #6 trebles
Sound: Rattle & Pop
Made in: Japan