Hogy SE Barbarian HDUV 7 Inch 42g Olive

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Each packet contains one X3 strong Hogy Barbarian jig head and one HDUV 7 inch sandeel body.

Hogy Barbarian Jig Head: Stunning baitfish imitating patterns on a newly designed sandeel style head. The design of the Barbarian sandeel jig heads technical locking curve allows a maximum transfer of energy towards the point while setting the hook. This results in a faster and more effortless penetration of the point and up to 25% improved hooking rate.

Hogy HDUV Sandeel Body: Premium vertical jigging baits, with Heavy Duty blended plastic for solid jig head connections, each bait is fully loaded with UV Pigments for increased visibility in low light and deep water conditions.

Brand: Hogy BarbarianEel
Lure Type: Soft
Length: 7 inch
Number: 1 per pack
Weight: 42g
Made in: USA
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