Fiiish Black Eel

Posted by Lure Fishing For Bass on 17th Mar 2019

The Fiiish Black Eel as with all of Fiiish's soft plastics range, was prototype tested before having it's release announced, but most bass lure anglers will instinctively know that a cross between a Black Minnow and a Crazy Sandeel will work.

View the Fiiish Black Eel range here...

Some people are asking, "If I already have a weedless back minnow for weedy areas and a crazy sandeel for deeper or weed free marks, which will have better hookup rates as the Crazy Sandeel hook is exposed, do I also need a Fiiish Black Eel"? To that we say, stop asking such sensible questions as you know you're going to get one anyway, to enjoy the expected Fiiish quality and the pleasure of testing new bass lures

The Fiiish Black Eel Details (March 2019)

  1. Body length is 15CM
  2. Bodies will be in Kaki and Cloudy White
  3. The jigheads come in 20g and 40g
  4. VMC Krog hooks are used
  5. The paddle tail is reversed
  6. The jighead to hook connection has been improved.

We have assembled some of the best pre-release Fiiish Black Eel pictures below.