Favorite Shooter SHT-962MH 9.6FT 15-35g

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The Favorite Skyline 962MH is a good allround bass lure casting rod. With a casting range from 15-35g, you've got the majority of lures covered.

Brand: Favorite Skyline
Type: Lure Casting
Length: 9.6 feet
Casting Weight: 15 > 35g
Action: Medium > Fast
Sections: 2
Transport Length: 143cm
Guides: Fuji KR
Rod Weight: 140g
Designed For: 1.0PE - 2.5PE Braid
Rod Straps: Two
Handle: Foam
Bag / Case: Foam

Please note that we don't ship bass lure rods overseas.  Due to shipping costs we only sell these lure rods in the UK.