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APIA Foojin’AD Night Hawk 93ML 9FT 5-32g

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APIA have smashed it out of the park with the Foojin’AD. The best bass lure rod technology you can buy.

Brand: APIA
Type: Sublime Lure Casting
Length: 9'3 feet
Casting Weight: 5 > 32g
Action: Fast
Sections: 2
Line: For braid with a PE of 0.8 > 2
Eyes: Fuji SIC
Real Seat: Fuji
Rod Weight: 230g
Handle: Hard Black Foam & Cork
Bag / Case: Comes with a rod bag
Made in: Japan

Please note that we don't ship bass lure rods overseas.  Due to shipping costs we only sell these lure rods in the UK.