If Daiwa managed to do an excellent job with the Z120F Vertice they have positively excelled themselves with the introduction of the Z120F Vertice SSR or Super Shallow Runner.  

The Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z120F SSR is one of the longest casting lures of its kind capable of being launched distances of up to 68m with impressive accuracy. This allows the angler to work and retrieve the lure over extensive areas of weed and rock (reefs) and able to target specific features, at range, where the bass love to hide, hunt and harass with the water barley covering their backs. 

As the name suggests, this 19g diving hard minnow is designed to be able to swim or ‘run’ in exceptionally shallow water (it will submerge to no deeper than 30cm) which it achieves with consummate ease on nothing more than a straight or linear retrieve. Furthermore, even when the sea conditions aren’t entirely flat calm its slender profile and diminutive and oblique lip or vane allows the lure to grip into a small to moderate swell and gently breaking waves better than comparable lures such as the deadly Tackle house Feed Shallow 128 and IMA Komomo SF125 respectively.  

Alongside that tight, wriggling action that replicates a sandeel beautifullythe SSR reacts well to the odd twitch of the rod and rapid increase in retrieve speed followed by a pause (allowing the lure to ascend to the surface) to mimic a multitude of panic stricken bait fish - indeed, when the bass aren’t confidently hitting items ‘off the top’, a shimmering, quickly moving shallow diver fished in deeper water can often induce a savage attack from below... 

A truly great lure, and a classic in the making.

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