Sandeel Surf Walker

Savage Gear’s unmistakable 3D Scan of a real Sandeel is repeated here in their imposing yet impressive Surf Walker range. Presented in both floating (F) 155mm/17g + 180mm/27g and sinking (S) 155mm/23g + 180mm 37g adaptations, these surface or top-water lures have been conceived with long distance casts in mind - something they have most certainly achieved. Indeed, the sinking 23g version is quite simply in a league of its own in this respect!

However, do not let the term ‘sinking’ discouraged you adding one to your collection, as soon as you commence the retrieve the lure glides very quickly to the surface whereby it is comparatively simple to perform the side to side orwalk the dog (WTD) action with rod tip either held high, low or to the side. Furthermore, the balance system featured on the silent floating version enables the lure to float horizontally on the surface when paused - something that a lot of anglers prefer and that is particularly effective in calm sea conditions. Conversely, the sinking versions comprise a ball bearing inside a chamber across the back of the lure that exudes a noisy ‘knocking’ sound as the lure zigzags across the surface - perfect for those more swell or turbulent days on the coastline. 

UK bass lure anglers have been crying out for a competitively priced and well built surface lure with all the characteristics that are encompassed within the Surf Walker. We’re sure they’ll feature heavily in bass catches around the country in 2018.