Sandeel Jerk Minnow

Based on a perfect 3D scan of a Sandeel, when the real thing arrives in earnest then the Savage Gear Jerk Minnow is one the lures to have at your disposal.

The 145 (145mm) 14g suspending (SS) is the perfect lure to use when precision is required by way of aiming a lure into a tight area or indeed, into a narrow gully between rocky outcrops - the place where sandeels hide and bass hunt!  It is ideally suited for use calm through to moderate swell conditions in which it will dive and ‘swim’ in the 2-3ft range depending on the rate of retrieve.  

The 175 (175mm) 25g slow floating (SF) version has, as you’d expect from a lure of this weight and size, a much more substantial feel to it enabling greater distances providing you slow the cast down a touch. Furthermore, when the sea is turbulent and the wind is your face then this is one of the most effective lures to clip on and blast out there - safe in the knowledge that it will operate with superb levels of stability at a depth of 4-6ft beneath the surface. 

As their name suggests the Jerk Minnow also respondinstantly and enticingly to a twitch or jerk on the rod tip or a sharp increase in retrieve speed. Moreover, due to the horizontal balance system a pause in the retrieve will enable the lure to linger temptingly in the strike-zone for an extended period - something that is extremely useful to the bass lure angler.

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