Pop Walker

Based on a 3D scan of a baby sardine, Savage Gear’s diminutive surface or top-water lure, the 8cm, 14g 3D Minnow Pop Walker is somewhat unique. This is because it was developed in such a way that it can either be ‘popped’ along the surface or retrieved in the popular and deadly ‘walk the dog’ style. These characteristics invariably offer the shore or boat angler something that the majority of hard lures do not - versatility. Therefore, whether you’re attempting to imitate a struggling, wounded small fish or bait fish scattering frantically, this imaginative concept is a potential blank saver!  

With 3D details, a long cast design and a horizontal balance incorporated thePop Walker has already accounted for some excellent catches of bass - particularly when the bait fish are around in increased numbers and being harassed by predators late in the summer.  

Armed with two ultra sharp ST46 trebles, even the slightest movement on the rod tip is transferred to the lure - meaning it is ideal for those calm, clear, bright days when a more subtle approach is often required. Moreover, whether you’rewanting to fish it slowly or at pace, this tremendous little package is exceptionally easy to work and retrieve on modern gear, and at any moment the water could erupt around it! And because of its size, when a bass hits it there is no messing about. 

Savage Gear have created another excellent lure here, and at this price, at the very least it warrants further investigation - we think it will surprise you with how effective it can be...

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