Line Thru Sandeel

With exceptionally realistic features this is quite possibly the ultimate Sandeel imitation. The 3D Line Thru Sandeel by Savage Gear is gaining plaudits by the day due to its fish (Bass, Sea Trout) catching prowess and casting capability - indeed, we are talking wind penetrating long distances even into the strongest headwind.  

The LT Sandeel’ is presented in four weights relative to their size - 100mm/15g, 125mm/19g, 150mm/27g and 175mm/40g and a variety of colours, some of which have a rather interesting UV ‘glow spot’ incorporated in the tail section that is designed to ensure a predator hits the lure at the business end of the lure in low light conditions. Moreover, the concept behind the ‘Line Thru’ system, alongside the incredibly natural presentation, is that when a fish is hooked it cannot use the weight of the lure to shake the actual hook hold.  

When allowed to descend through the depths, these lures will flutter both horizontally and backwards mimicking a wounded Sandeel. Whilst on the retrieve they quickly rise in the water column and have a very ‘tight’ slaloming (or S-Curve as Savage Gear describe it) action identical to the real thing. What’s more, because of their shape they are extremely stable underwater meaning they be utilised in very turbulent sea conditions - the type regularly found on a clean sandy beach. This type of venue, in addition to fast currents such as those experienced close to exposed headlands and estuary mouths are where the LT Sandeel have already proved deadly.