We're not charter boat captains or guides but, we do take small groups of lure anglers with us, not for profit just for the crack and to expedite everyones joint learning.  We bookout the best charter boats and guides during the best tides and ensure that trips are 100% modern lure fishing focused.  At least one person from Lure Fishing for Bass will also be fishing, taking photos and on hand to offer advice (when requested) on techniques, tackle and suitable bass lures.

Updated: 27th Nov 2016

Please use the contact form to RSVP or ask questions.  If you're on Facebook then please view trips here


*Ascension Island trips are only open to anglers that have been on our UK charter trips before. We need to check anglers suitability for these hardcore trips.

Surface Lure Fishing: In a small boat targeting bass in shallow water. 

Plugging for Bass: In a small boat targeting bass in shallow water.

Jigging for Bass: Drifting sandbanks or reefs in depth from 10 > 30m.  Fiiish & Nitro Shads and Savage Gearr Sandeels consistently produce.

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