Insane Creations

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There are occasions when bass lure fishing when you require distance (due to a headwind or the fish being slightly further out), stability (due to water movement) and exceptionally natural presentation all alongside that all important virtue - subtlety.

Many anglers are using senkos, fished both weightless and weedless nowadays, particularly when lure fishing in the dead of night for their quarry and in very shallow water covering snag-ridden ground. But add in some turbulence to the sea, be it a swell, surf or more especially a strong and/or laterally running current and the more regular (but still deadly) lighter 5” senkos can be thrown around somewhat or simply move through the zone either too quickly. Indeed, they may even rise up to and ‘skit’ across the surface.

Yes, you can rig a 5” senko onto a weighted weedless hook, but another option is to consider using a slightly larger 6” 18g version such as the Insane Creations Bass Slayer, whereby you’ll retain all of the positives of using a senko mentioned above. A rather stubby and overall robust feeling soft plastic, they have a ribbed effect all along their body which is designed to transmit minuet and fish attracting disturbances through the water - again, ideal (although not exclusively so) for fishing in darkness when the bass are wary.

Due to their size, they are best rigged onto either a 6/0 Owner Twistlock Hook (Strong), 7/0 Eagle Claw Trokar Swimbait Magnum or a 7/0 VMC Wide Gap Swimbait Twist Hook. A very simple, yet very effective lure, that comes in a variety of colours.