Z120F Vertice

Daiwa have out done themselves with the Shoreline Shiner Z120F Vertice.  

A very long casting (up to 71m) classic hard diving minnow weighing 19g that swims in that enticing kill-zone of between 30-120cm beneath the surface. With a sizeable and moveable ball-bearing held within, the lure sits in that sweet spot’ of most of the modern lure rod’s casting weight range (CWR), meaning it can be propelled extreme distances even in the very worst onshore sea conditions when it has produced many sizeable bass to anglers aware of its capabilities. 

The types of venues, terrain, sea conditions and depth of water that this lure is suitable for marks it out as something special. A very easy hard lure to get out there, its stability when being cast is exceptionally consistent and true unlike similar lures that can be a little fussy when the wind is swirling.  

Under the water the theme continues, in the sense that it takes an awful lot of turbulence to knock it out of its stride. The angle and size of the integrated lip or vane enables the lure to effectively ‘dig into’ the water immediately when retrieved creating a wonderful wobbling, tight and slaloming action, even on a relatively slow rate - ideal for when you’re fishing deeper or fast moving water, within an estuary or if the sea is calm and clear and the bass are being wary in shallow water. 

However, the Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z120F Vertice comes to the fore in those rougher sea conditions either from the rocks or indeed a shingle beach when a particular area of water (such as an eddy or zone of aerated water washing around a distant rock where the bass love to wait in ambush) needs to be reached.

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