2017 Bass Lure Charter

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LureFishingforBass has booked five of the best weekend tides in 2017 with Glen Cairns Valkyrie out of Hayling Island. We welcome those with and without boat experience to join us on the following dates.

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24th June 2017:

22nd July 2017:

20th Aug 2017:

9th Sep 2017:

21st Oct 2017:

Valkyrie Bass Lure Fishing Charter

We headed out on Valkyrie Charters for the first time to target bass on a big tide.  A 13lb bass and a few 10lb+ got caught and released.  Most of the angers had experience bass lure fishing from boats be we still learnt a few things from the captain.Finding a good charter boat for modern [...]

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Fiiish Glue - Is it worth £8.05?

Fiiish's new soft plastic lure glue costs £8.05 for a little bottle. View Here.  Anyone that currently makes do with Super Glue at £1.75 a tube has to ask themselves is Fiiish Glue worth four times the cost?Fiiish Glue Pros:1. Not as brittle as super glue.2. Sticks really well to soft plastics. (Great for fixing damaged [...]

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IMA Komomo 130 Slim

The IMA Komomo 130 Slim lures have proven themselves to be very effective in 2016.  We believe the reason that the SF-130 Slim and the 130 Slim Tomahawk have out fished so many other lures is because their slim profile resembles a sandeel.  It's hard for any self respecting bass not to chase and smash a solo scared [...]

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IMA Kosuke

The new and much talked about lure from IMA has arrived in the UK.  Cross a Komomo with a Sasuke and the love child is an IMA Kosuke.Browse colours here: 

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Major Craft Skyroad SKR-962 Surf 9’6’’ 5-28g

Lure Fishing for Bass is now one of the few retailers selling the Major Craft Skyroad SKR-962.  The SKR-962 is a very good shore lure rod at sensible price.

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New UK IMA Salt Skimmer Colours

The new UK exclusive IMA Skimmers have arrived and lots of the old favourites are back in stock including Joker, Bora Mullet and Cotton Candy.  Veiw here

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New IMA Salt Skimmers

At last the new range of IMA Salt Skimmers have arrived.  Browse them here.

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Fiiish Power Tail

 The new logo on the Fiiish trade stand can only mean one thing. More world class tackle inbound

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

Many of use love catching bass, taking a pic, telling others and answering questions about the lure used, but please be warned that not only friendly bass anglers are reading your Facebook and Forum posts.Recently a lucky catch and release lure angler managed to find a mark that was heaving with January bass. He gave away the [...]

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